Engage Identity solution architects have deep expertise in identity and access management. We provide assessments, implementation assistance, audits, and training as well as general expertise and consultation.

Identity Maturity Assessment

An Engage Identity security architect will analyze your company’s current authentication landscape. We will deliver a full assessment of current risks and pain points, as well as an outline of available vendor and in-house solutions. Each solution will have a different range of business impacts which our architect will discuss with you so that you can make smart fully-informed decisions about where to invest your security resources.

Identity Vendor Evaluation

There are dozens of vendors on the market currently offering authentication, two-factor, access management, and directory services. A vendor-agnostic Engage Identity analyst can help you cut through the marketing materials to assess which vendors best match your budget, needs, and scale.

Single Sign-On Implementation Assistance

Single sign-on allows your company to rely on a single identity provider, increasing your security and the usability of your software systems.  It can also facilitate delegated access permissions and implementation of least privilege principles for internal employees. However, naive implementations of single-sign on can significantly decrease the security of your entire architecture.

Engage Identity will assist in your implementation to ensure that your end-product is both seamless and secure. We have deep expertise in identity protocols and implementation of single sign-on solutions. Our subject matter expertise allows companies to increase the speed and quality of their implementations.

Two Factor Authentication Implementation Assistance

Two factor authentication greatly increases the security of your company’s infrastructure. There are a variety of solutions available with varying levels of cost and security. Engage Identity helps you sort through the available options and integrate into tricky legacy systems to make sure there are no weak links in your infrastructure.

Cloud Security Audit

An Engage Identity architect will review your Azure and AWS instances to ensure that your identity and access management configurations are following best practices. Automated attacks against these platforms are becoming increasingly common, and excessive account permissions can easily be exploited. We review your roles and permissions structures to identify potential vulnerabilities.

Technical Project Management

Engage Identity has well-seasoned technical project managers with a track record of delivering projects on time and on budget. If you need more help than simply subject matter expertise, Engage Identity can provide daily hands-on project management to ensure that your identity project team stays on track and utilizes the most efficient and effective methods of identity project implementation.


Engage Identity architects are industry-recognized information security experts. We have spoken at multiple nationwide conferences. We are available for speaking engagements on a variety of security-related topics. We can also provide interactive training to your on-site staff to help them learn about specific protocols, or about the field of identity and access management generally. We help our clients on-board new members of their identity and access management teams. We also provide workshops specifically geared toward developers to help them understand specific protocols like OAuth, OpenID Connect, and U2F.

Technical Writing

Engage Identity architects have writing experience on a variety of security topics. We would be happy to partner with your company on research, development, and analysis of cutting-edge topics in the field of identity and access management.

Open Consultation

Engage Identity architects have a broad range of expertise. We are happy to provide guidance on your individual security projects.

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